Trinity Baptist Church Vancouver Becomes Blessed Hope Baptist Church

In the last several months, Robert MacGregor, the Pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Toronto, Canada, ordained Gleb Glebov and sent him to start a church in Vancouver. Technically, the church is located in the city of New Westminister. The church has now changed its name. Perhaps this is to avoid confusion with the other […]

The New IFB still promotes Tyler Doka’s “Mark of the Beast” Documentary

Tyler Doka is anathema to the New IFB, and to the IFB in general. He’s recently went into many strange doctrines along with Justin Leblanc, an evangelist in his church. The new IFB has rightly been preaching against him and his false teaching. But separation only sems to go so far, even in the New […]

The New IFB rejects Blessed Hope Baptist Church in Vancouver and plants competing church

Recently, Gleb Glebov, a trainee of Pastor and Bill MacGregor from Trinity Baptist Church in Toronto, started a new church in a suburb of Vancouver BC Canada, called Trinity Baptist Church. The New IFB has now demonstrated its animosity toward this church by planting a competing Church. (edit 11/1/18 Trinity Baptist Church has now been […]

Justin LeBlanc can save anyone in 5 minutes!

Justin Leblanc, the evangelist from Great Harvest Baptist Church believes some strange stuff. He’s a flat-earther, like his Pastor, He says that not all Christians are saints, and now this. In the first clip below, he preaches that he can save anyone in 5 minutes, because he’s not one of those other Christians who can’t […]

Updates on the Trinity Baptist Church Split

Bill MacGregor has posted the following video called “What actually happened The Trinity Baptist Rebellion,” showing the meeting of people who tried to kick out Bill MacGregor and Pastor MacGregor from the church. Here is a video of the same confrontation posted by Tim Xing. Xing’s description was “Robert MacGregor and Bill MacGregor exposed as […]

Great Harvest Baptist Church is off the Rails!

It’s become apparent that not only is Great Harvest Baptist Church out of the New IFB, (which began because of flat-eartherism), but they have totally left any semblance of the Gospel. Justin Leblanc and Tyler Doka have doubled down on a sermon series preached by LeBlanc, which is simply tearing apart the doctrines of Christianity. […]

The Impeccability Controversy Continues from Bill MacGregor’s Side

Bill MacGregor continues the impeccability controversy, now preaching a message which contained the clips below, targeting New IFB preachers for not expelling those who didn’t preach that impeccability-deniers aren’t saved. Descriptions are shown beneath each video   Gleb Glebov also spoke against Richard Symes’ sermon that was against Bill Macgregor. Below is Glebov’s clip:

Warning: Blessed Hope Baptist Church in New Westminster British Columbia Canada preaches false New IFB teaching

Blessed Hope Baptist Church was formerly called “Trinity Baptist Church” What does “New IFB” mean? It represents the things that make Gleb Glebov and this new church different from scripture-preaching Baptists, such as their incorrect eschatology, their preaching for those they believe to be past salvation to die and go to hell, and their anti-Israel […]

Justin Leblanc and Tyler Doka: Some Christians Aren’t Saints!

Not only does this not align with the scripures, but Leblanc and Doka are now drifting even further form the New IFB, since Steven Anderson doesn’t preach this either. Find below a video with portions of Leblanc’s Sermon, The full sermon, and a clip of Steven Anderson’s position.