Trinity Baptist Church Vancouver Becomes Blessed Hope Baptist Church

In the last several months, Robert MacGregor, the Pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Toronto, Canada, ordained Gleb Glebov and sent him to start a church in Vancouver. Technically, the church is located in the city of New Westminister. The church has now changed its name. Perhaps this is to avoid confusion with the other […]

The New IFB rejects Blessed Hope Baptist Church in Vancouver and plants competing church

Recently, Gleb Glebov, a trainee of Pastor and Bill MacGregor from Trinity Baptist Church in Toronto, started a new church in a suburb of Vancouver BC Canada, called Trinity Baptist Church. The New IFB has now demonstrated its animosity toward this church by planting a competing Church. (edit 11/1/18 Trinity Baptist Church has now been […]

Warning: Blessed Hope Baptist Church in New Westminster British Columbia Canada preaches false New IFB teaching

Blessed Hope Baptist Church was formerly called “Trinity Baptist Church” What does “New IFB” mean? It represents the things that make Gleb Glebov and this new church different from scripture-preaching Baptists, such as their incorrect eschatology, their preaching for those they believe to be past salvation to die and go to hell, and their anti-Israel […]