The New IFB still promotes Tyler Doka’s “Mark of the Beast” Documentary

Tyler Doka is anathema to the New IFB, and to the IFB in general. He’s recently went into many strange doctrines along with Justin Leblanc, an evangelist in his church. The new IFB has rightly been preaching against him and his false teaching. But separation only sems to go so far, even in the New […]

Justin LeBlanc can save anyone in 5 minutes!

Justin Leblanc, the evangelist from Great Harvest Baptist Church believes some strange stuff. He’s a flat-earther, like his Pastor, He says that not all Christians are saints, and now this. In the first clip below, he preaches that he can save anyone in 5 minutes, because he’s not one of those other Christians who can’t […]

Great Harvest Baptist Church is off the Rails!

It’s become apparent that not only is Great Harvest Baptist Church out of the New IFB, (which began because of flat-eartherism), but they have totally left any semblance of the Gospel. Justin Leblanc and Tyler Doka have doubled down on a sermon series preached by LeBlanc, which is simply tearing apart the doctrines of Christianity. […]

Justin Leblanc and Tyler Doka: Some Christians Aren’t Saints!

Not only does this not align with the scripures, but Leblanc and Doka are now drifting even further form the New IFB, since Steven Anderson doesn’t preach this either. Find below a video with portions of Leblanc’s Sermon, The full sermon, and a clip of Steven Anderson’s position.

Tyler Doka and Great Harvest Baptist Church are OUT of the New IFB!

Until the last few days, Great Harvest Baptist Church and Tyler Doka were still listed on the New IFB directory at, despite the fact that Doka was a much-criticized flat-earther and had attacked the New IFB and Steven Anderson. Well those days are over. Now the church has been removed from the directory altogether. […]

Tyler Doka and Gianmarco Gemmitti: Planets Don’t Exist!

Marco of the YouTube channel Found_The_Light, a flat earther since at least 2016, put up a video called “Planets Dont Exist!” in early July. This video is just a (il)logical continuation of flat-earth doctrine, which now has its own mini-following within the New IFB, although all the preachers other than Doka decry it. The video […]

Tyler Doka isn’t a fan of Steven Anderson or the New IFB anymore

Based on some comment responses on recent videos, Doka’s not been a big fan of the anti-Doka preaching from New IFB pulpits after he came out of the flat-earth closet. Here are some of his youtube comment responses on his video “Revelation 5 – Clay to the Seal” And here is a revealing comment on […]

Tyler Doka Continues to Preach a Flat Earth

Since the previous post on this topic, Tyler Doka has continued to preach that the earth is flat. He has posted on his YouTube Channel three “Flat Earth Moments” videos: Flat Earth Moment #1 The Circle of the Earth Flat Earth Moment #2 Multiple Worlds Flat Earth Moment #3 The Sky Stone Debunked He has […]

Flat Earth Cognitive Dissonance Within the New IFB – Tyler Doka a Flat Earther!

The New IFB has some strange cognitive dissonance going on right now. As of this post, The New IFB website, run by Faithful Word Baptist Church, has Tyler Doka and Great Harvest Baptist Church listed in their directory. Presumably, this means that the head honchos of the New IFB believe that Doka is one of […]