Tommy McMurtry is Racist against Jews

McMurtry and Anderson claim to be Anti-zionist, but not anti-semitic or racist against Jews. However, they very often display their racism. The tricky thing about Jews is that there is both a Jewish ethnicity and a Jewish religion. It is reasonable and biblical for a Christian to be against the Jewish religion that denies Jesus […]

Patrick Boyle Counts the Reprobates He’s Kicked Out

The New IFB is obsessed with the Reprobate Doctrine. It’s now a point of pride to be able to kick out those who are not only unsaved, but that they have declared are incapable of believing unto salvation (See: Calvinism) Below, Patrick Boyle is posting on his church attendance board the number of Reprobates kicked […]

Donnie Romero Preaches that Voting Doesn’t Matter in America

Donnie Romero preaches against voting. A few of his words indicate what he thinks about voting: “The idea of people voting in their leaders … is going to lead to … the lowest of the people voting in things and deciding what is right.” “Even if our voting mattered in America…” “Even if like, when […]