Ben Knight & Donnie Romero say you were never saved if you stop believing like the New IFB

The problem with Knight and Romero’s doctrine in the short clip below is not their view of the trinity, but that they apply the “You were never saved to begin with” doctrine to all kinds of other things. For example, they say at the end that a person who is saved cannot believe in evolution. […]

Steven Anderson says you aren’t saved if you don’t believe like Him

Because Steven Anderson doesn’t believe in dispensationalism, He doesn’t understand that some commands in the Bible were given to the Jews as a Theocracy under God and are not binding upon us today. Nevertheless, if you were to tell him that, He would falsely accuse you of “not believing the Bible” and condemn you to […]

“Ben the Baptist” says that Sodomites who get saved are still going to hell

Ben Knight, AKA “Ben the Baptist” frequently has videos on Anderson’s New IFB channels. In this video he preaches the false New IFB reprobate doctrine that Sodomites cannot be saved. Partial transcript below the video. There’s this march for freedom event which is happening in washington DC, and it’s going to feature a bunch of […]

Steven Anderson preaches that God can’t save unless the soulwinner is saved

Steven Anderson preaches that not only cannot unsaved people lead people to Christ, which is not taught in the scripture, but Anderson claims is taught there by making many dubious inferences. In the video of his message this past Sunday, he states the following heretical views: “If you are not saved you won’t get anyone […]

Matthew Stucky preaches that unsaved people cannot lead someone to Christ

At Verity Baptist Church, Matthew Stucky preached the video shown below, which was titled on Verity’s channel “Unbelievers Can’t win Souls to the Lord (Garrett Kirchway, Judas, False Prophets)” In the video, he mentions this video, which shows how Garrett Kirchway went and led a woman in a repeat-after-me prayer, and later on others from […]

Pastor Steven Anderson says that NIV users are “probably” not saved

Steven L Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, AZ takes a Ruckman-style position and declares a work for salvation – that a person must use the right Bible translation or they are probably not saved. Anderson says “Anybody who reads the NIV every day and are familiar with both… and believes the NIV […]