Donnie Romero Preaches that Voting Doesn’t Matter in America

Donnie Romero preaches against voting. A few of his words indicate what he thinks about voting: “The idea of people voting in their leaders … is going to lead to … the lowest of the people voting in things and deciding what is right.” “Even if our voting mattered in America…” “Even if like, when […]

Ben Knight & Donnie Romero say you were never saved if you stop believing like the New IFB

The problem with Knight and Romero’s doctrine in the short clip below is not their view of the trinity, but that they apply the “You were never saved to begin with” doctrine to all kinds of other things. For example, they say at the end that a person who is saved cannot believe in evolution. […]

Pastor Donnie Romero Says that Some Sodomites can be Saved (With Transcript)

¬≠ In October 2015, Donnie Romero form Stedfast Baptist Church in Fort Worth Texas preached a sermon which softens the line of reprobate doctrine. He seems to be claiming in the sermon that this clarifies the doctrine, but it really does not – it simply shows an inconsistency in the New IFB dogma. Here’s the […]