Matthew Stucky preaches that unsaved people cannot lead someone to Christ

At Verity Baptist Church, Matthew Stucky preached the video shown below, which was titled on Verity’s channel “Unbelievers Can’t win Souls to the Lord (Garrett Kirchway, Judas, False Prophets)” In the video, he mentions this video, which shows how Garrett Kirchway went and led a woman in a repeat-after-me prayer, and later on others from […]

Pastor Steven Anderson gives false Soulwinning Stats

On the 12th Anniversary of Faithful Word Baptist Church on December 24, 2017, Pastor Steven Anderson preached a message where he gave the statistics of how many people their church members have claimed to lead to Christ. On May 27, 2018, Garrett Kirchway was kicked out of Faithful Word Baptist Church, as was Domonique Davis. The […]