Split takes place at Trinity Baptist Church Toronto

Tim Xing and some additional members of Trinity Baptist Church in Toronto, suddenly flipped against Pastor MacGregor and Bill MacGregor, right in the middle of the latest impeccability controversy. Though details are hard to come by, you can find for reference the following videos. These were posted by Bill MacGregor. Originally titled as “Beware of […]

Tyler Doka and Gianmarco Gemmitti: Planets Don’t Exist!

Marco of the YouTube channel Found_The_Light, a flat earther since at least 2016, put up a video called “Planets Dont Exist!” in early July. This video is just a (il)logical continuation of flat-earth doctrine, which now has its own mini-following within the New IFB, although all the preachers other than Doka decry it. The video […]

Warning: Revival Baptist Church in Orlando, FL. preaches false New IFB teaching

With the new church launching August 31, 2018 , Pastor Patrick Boyle shows off a backdrop on the church property. As you can see below, it contains several of the New IFB doctrines, and very prominently, the phrase “New IFB.” What does “New IFB” mean? It represents the things that make Boyle and his church […]