New IFB Apostate – Garrett Kirchway Preaches against the Trinity

Garrett Kirchway was a missionary for Faithful Word Baptist Church to Botswana. On FWBC’s website, a now-missing page said the following about him:

Brother Garrett Kirchway has been a faithful member of Faithful Word Baptist Church since he was saved and baptized in September 2008. Starting in May 2016, Bro Kirchway is now in the ministry full time as a missionary, or what the Bible calls an “evangelist.” In September 2016, he will be moving to Africa where he plans to spend the rest of his life preaching the Gospel to the people of Botswana. He will be based in Gaborone, which is the largest city in Botswana.

Faithful Word Baptist Church will be paying Bro Kirchway’s salary until such a time as the church in Botswana is able to become independent. In addition, we will be raising money online through Paypal donations in order to pay his wages and provide supplies such as Bibles, New Testaments, church invitations, song books, preaching CDs, DVDs, etc. Before Bro Kirchway was saved, he was involved in the charismatic movement, which unfortunately is very popular in Botswana. He has also lived a very austere life for the last 8 years, so in many ways he is well suited for the task that God has for him in Botswana.

This information is, as of this post, also still posted at where Tyler Baker is also listed as a deacon.

The first indication that Kirchway was not in favor with Anderson and the New IFB was when he was suddenly kicked out of FWBC and fired by Pastor Steven Anderson as preached in a sermon on May 27, 2018. Domonique Davis was kicked out at the same time.

Shortly after, Kirchway posted a lengthy video saying that he does not believe in the Orthodox Trinity, but claiming that Steven Anderson always preached different from the Orthodox Trinity as well:

On June 16, 2018 Kirchway posted this video, “My Finals [sic] days at FWBC”

In this video he says that he immersed himself in the teachings of Pastor Baker and Pastor Tey. Around the 4:20 mark, Kirchway says that after he realized that he no longer belived the Orthodox Trinity, he decided he would have to resign from his position at FWBC, but that first, he attempted to convert Pastor Anderson to his position. He claims that his plan was to tell Anderson about his view on the night Sunday May 27, by sending him a video about his view of the trinity, but that he never had the opportunity because he was fired that morning after Anderson noticed his wife posting positive comments on Tyler Baker’s sermons.

In response, Anderson left these two comments on Kirchway’s video:

Domonique Davis also commented:

Kirchway has also posted Victor Tey’s sermon “Trinity Confusion” on his Youtube channel.

Since Kirchway’s change on the Trinity, the New IFB response has been swift and conclusive. Kirchway is rejected as a heretic and a reprobate – which means in New IFB doctrine that he is not saved and cannot be saved, and that he is likely to be a sodomite as well.

Adam Fannin preached a message where he calls out Kirchway. In the message, he says “I would not be surprised to find out a year from now that he is a total reprobate. We hear some strange story of him doing something weird, hey, I’m not surprised” (Around the 5:30 mark)

Not only does the New IFB claim that Kirchway is not saved, but that even when he was a trinitarian he never led anyone to Christ. This is based on the New IFB doctrine of “soulwinner salvation”, which teaches that for a person to get saved, the soulwinner must also be saved. Matthew Stucky preached a message where he says that Kirchway never won anyone to Christ. Kirchway was one of the soulwinners with the higher numbers in FWBC, so their numbers claims need to be revised.

Post Author: Joshua Lindsey

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