Steven Anderson uses Jews’ persecutions against them

In June 2017, Steven Anderson posted this sermon clip to his main channel, called “1948 was a fraud.” In this video, Anderson equates Christ’s fig tree parable to being Israel, and as such, Israel has no purpose in his Eschatology. He says that Jews returning to Israel in 1948 was a fraud – “they didn’t come back!”

Here’s a transcript of a section of the video below:

“Let me tell you something. The Jews – not only were they scattered as a punishment in AD 70 and AD 135, they’ve been hated in every country that they’ve ever lived in for the last 2,000 years. In fact, did you know that – I believe 51 countries throughout history have expelled all the Jews. ‘Cause the one that you think of is 1492, when they were kicked out of Spain, but they’ve been kicked out of England, kicked out of the Netherlands, kicked out of Germany, kicked out of France, over and over again. You know, all throughout history. Even the Rabbis will tell you that they’ve been hated and persecuted in every single country they’ve ever lived in for the last 2,000 years. And people will say ‘Oh, that’s ‘cause they’re God’s people, that’s why they’re hated.’ No, Jesus Christ said in Matthew 24, – and isn’t Matthew 24 the chapter where they try to say ‘oh, this is just to the Jews?’ – In Matthew 24, Jesus Christ said this: ‘you shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake.’ Now have the Jews been hated for the name of Jesus? No, they’ve been hated because of being bankers, and they’ve been hated for blaspheming Jesus, but they dead-sure have not been hated because of Jesus’ name. They don’t claim the name of Jesus, okay. So why have they been persecuted, and hated, and kicked out of every country, you know, over the course of the last few thousand years? Simply this: They’re under the curse of God for rejecting the Lord Jesus Christ.

Anderson is right to say that Judaism is a false religion, that Jews need to be won to Christ, but his misuse of scripture to defend countries like Germany expelling the Jews shows how far off-base he has come from the truth of the scriptures.

Post Author: Joshua Lindsey

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