Steven Anderson advances holocaust-denying conspiracy theories.

Anderson is very prone to believing conspiracy theories about the fluoride in water, vaccines, 9/11 truth, etc., so it is no surprise that with his belief that God has no place for Jews and Israel, that he would also advance holocaust denial.

He advances the following conspiracy theories among others:

That a plaque that said “4 million Jews died” at Auschwitz, later replaced with “1 ½ million” shows that there was intentional misleading about the numbers of Jews who died in the holocaust.

That the number “6 million” relating to Jews dying in the holocaust was picked by the Jews ahead of time

That it would be physically possible to cremate the required number of bodies.

All of these silly conspiracy arguments are as debunked and transparent as the flat-earth arguments that Anderson himself has spent time debunking, yet he hold this belief because of its convenience in dismissing the Jews and Israel.

Edit June 2019: The video below we uploaded of Anderson’s holocaust denial was so blatant that YouTube removed it for violating their policies. (The video was unedited, a copy of his own video he had made, which YouTube also took down)

Edit July 2019: Bitchute mirror:

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