Warning: Blessed Hope Baptist Church in New Westminster British Columbia Canada preaches false New IFB teaching

Blessed Hope Baptist Church was formerly called “Trinity Baptist Church”

What does “New IFB” mean? It represents the things that make Gleb Glebov and this new church different from scripture-preaching Baptists, such as their incorrect eschatology, their preaching for those they believe to be past salvation to die and go to hell, and their anti-Israel preaching.

The new IFB also preaches that military service is sinful, that Christians shouldn’t vote, and that vaccines are sinful.

To see all the info on why you shouldn’t attend this church, view “what is the New IFB?

Also known as “Trinity Baptist Vancouver”, this church is pastored by Gleb Glebov, who has been trained under Robert and Bill Macgregor from Trinity Baptist Church in Toronto. Gleb is on the MacGregor’s side in the recent impeccability controversy, and so although this church is starting under the banner of New IFB (because they believe everything new IFB churches believe) they may find the fellowship a bit cold since Bill MacGregor has been Kicked out of the New IFB. Bro Gleb also preached against the secret meeting that caused the recent church split at Trinity Baptist Church.

Below you can see the promotional info for the new church plant:

Bill Macgregor posted a video on his channel which you may view below. Here was his description:

Join Pastor and Mrs. MacGregor and Bro.Gleb Glebov for a week of soulwinning culminating with a great Sunday of preaching and Baptisms and especially the ordination service of Bro Gleb and of the Grand Opening of Trinity Baptist Church, Vancouver. Join us for soulwinning or come on Sunday at 11 am and 4pm. The Church address is 202-615 8th St. New Westminister, BC. Call 604-679-9751

What is the New IFB?

Steven L Anderson, leader of the New IFB movement

In 2005, Steven L Anderson started Faithful Word Baptist Church, and began teaching a new and strange set of doctrines. With his charismatic personality and boldness in preaching his opinions, as well as an effective social media strategy, he has won many over to himself. He is admittedly attempting to change what it means to be an Independent Fundamental Baptist. Many have caught on, but some are still being convinced by his errors.

In 2018, the churches that follow Anderson branded themselves as the New IFB. Each preacher follows in lockstep with Pastor Anderson, and if they don’t they risk being kicked out. When members leave Faithful Word Baptist Church, Anderson brands them not only as unsaved and going to hell, but also as “reprobate”, which in Anderson’s theology means that they cannot ever get saved. They are bound to go to hell without a chance to change that. Pastors who leave the movement or upset Anderson are blacklisted, all mention of them is purged from the New IFB denomination’s website, and pastors within the movement are encouraged to preach against them and post videos discrediting them and criticizing their preaching. Often the same pastors who once criticized others who left the new IFB find themselves also leaving the New IFB and receiving the same treatment.

So what does the New IFB believe? There are several unique beliefs that Anderson holds to, which, as a result are part of New IFB doctrine.

First, they preach another gospel than Independent Fundamental Baptists do.

  1. The New IFB preaches that Jesus death and resurrection was not enough to save from sin. Instead, Jesus had to go and burn in hell where he paid for our sin there. (So much for “it is finished!”)
  2. The New IFB preaches that for certain people, they are unsaved, regardless of their faith in Jesus Christ. In other words, for these people, salvation is not by grace through faith. See below:
Faithful Independent Baptists Teach: The New IFB teaches:
►The KJV is the preserved word of God in English ►Pastors who use the NIV are not saved
► You cannot get saved out of any Bible except the King James Version
►The Bible is sufficient for a person to learn about salvation and be saved Nobody can get saved by reading the Bible. There must be a soul winner. If that person themselves is not saved (such as a pastor who uses the NIV) none of their converts can truly be saved either
►Women should not be pastors ►Women who are preachers are all not saved
►Anyone who believes on Jesus Christ may be saved ►Homosexuals cannot believe on Christ and be saved. Salvation is not open for them, even if they leave homosexuality. Even if they believe on Christ, they will go to hell
Evolutionary scientists are also reprobate (they cannot be saved no matter what)
►Salvation is by faith alone ►If you leave the New IFB movement, you are not saved
► If you disagree with the New IFB movement, you are not saved

Second, the New IFB preaches many things as scriptural doctrine, which are not in the Bible, nor have been taught by Independent Fundamental Baptists in the past. These include:

  1. Being in the US Military is a Sin
  2. The police should not exist
  3. The 9/11 attacks were a hoax
  4. Christians should not vote
  5. It is sinful to be vaccinated
  6. The holocaust did not happen
  7. Israel should not exist
  8. Jews run everything and ruin everything
  9. We should rejoice in mass shootings or other murders when the victims are people we consider to be reprobates (such as homosexuals)
  10. We should pray for people to go to hell
  11. God laughs at sending people to hell
  12. People who get saved will not change
  13. People need not repent to be saved
  14. Charging interest is always sinful
  15. Having a nursery at a church is wrong
  16. Having Sunday School is wrong
  17. Jesus Christ is literally the King James Bible. The King James Bible is literally God.
  18. Bible College is unscriptural and wrong
  19. Christians are supposed to keep the Old Testament Law
  20. If you use the name “Yeshua” instead of Jesus, you aren’t saved
  21. Men being gynecologists is sinful and wicked
  22. The rapture is not imminent/ Christ cannot come at any time
  23. Any and all forms of birth control are sinful

Some of the root differences between the New IFB and Independent Baptists come from the fact that they believe in replacement theology, and so take the Old Testament Laws given to the nation of Israel and apply them to New Testament Believers today. (This is what Calvinist Covenant Theology does as well) As a result of this, any understanding of the Bible that divides the Bible into parts that are “for Christians today” and other parts that are “not for Christians today” are rejected. This leads to them calling for so-called “righteous government” to be established that mirrors the Theocracy of Israel, executing people for the same capital crimes, such as blasphemy, disobedience to parents, and homosexuality. They then reject any prophetic purpose for Jews or Israel, apply Old Testament “clean and unclean” laws on Christians, and end up with a post-tribulation Rapture.

Additionally, Steven Anderson and his followers use lots of crass language, say the Bible teaches that men should urinate standing up, and preach a lot of conspiracies (like chemtrails and water fluoridation conspiracies)

For an excellent and short presentation which shows the cultlike and non-Baptist nature of the New IFB and Steven Anderson, watch the video below:

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Post Author: Joshua Lindsey

My name is Joshua Lindsey. I live in Minnesota, and with my wife and children am a faithful member of my local independent Baptist Church. I have taught Sunday School classes and children’s classes, and also had the opportunity to preach at several churches. I teach Bible college classes on the Pentateuch, Atheism and Faith, Chrsitian Denominations, Bible Preservation (A defense of the underlying texts of the KJV), Bible Geography and Customs, Church Graphic Design, and some others. My father is an Independent Baptist Pastor in Wisconsin, and I grew up in a home full of love for the Lord. My parents raised me in the Bible, and are faithful to this day in witnessing and discipling. Although I was constantly immersed in biblical teaching and preaching, I did not personally believe in Jesus as described in John 3:16 until my freshman year in Bible college. In the many years since then, I have grown in grace and the Lord has given me opportunity to serve him in ministry. Among other ministries, I run my church’s print shop and participate in door-to-door evangelism. In doctrine, I affirm the truth that has been passed down from church to church since the time of Christ. I affirm the deity of Christ, his death, burial, and bodily resurrection, the personhood of the Holy Spirit, the Trinity, the virgin birth, the inerrancy and infallibility of the scriptures, the inspiration and preservation of the scriptures, the imminent return of Christ and his future literal millennial reign. I accept the canonicity of the 66 books of scripture, I believe that God commands all men to repent, that Christ draws all men to himself, that any person can believe and be saved. I believe salvation cannot be forfeited or taken away. I believe Christ’s command to go to all the world and preach the Gospel is still applicable to us today. I believe in a future literal judgment seat of Christ and a Great white throne judgment. I believe that no person will enter heaven except through Jesus Christ. I reject all false religions: Islam, Judaism, new Age, etc. I reject the teaching that God elects some men to damnation, giving them no chance to be saved. I reject the idea that God did not preserve his words and that recent manuscript discoveries provide us with a more accurate Bible that was not available to past generations of Christians. I reject the concept of a universal church. I reject the idea that Baptism plays a part in salvation. I believe many things additionally not listed here. My views align with the scripture and with the beliefs that faithful churches have held since the time of Christ, and have held under the title of “Baptist” for many centuries now.

2 thoughts on “Warning: Blessed Hope Baptist Church in New Westminster British Columbia Canada preaches false New IFB teaching

    Bill MacGregor

    (September 3, 2018 - 5:36 am)

    Thank you for your articles. Your content is usually quite fair and accurate. I would say however that this one needs a few corrections. First, neither I, my Father nor Pastor Glebov have ever preached against military enlistment as far as I know. Furthermore I have never heard it preached in a “New IFB” pulpit. It may have been, but I don’t know about it. Second, as far as eschatology, Pastor MacGregor is in fact a Pre tribber. I believe that Pastoer Glebov is a Post Trib/Pre wrath. At Trinity, we follow the original Old IFB policy regarding the timing of the rapture, we put the topic in it’s proper priority; Low. We allow both positions to be taught. However, in keeping with the same tradition, Premillennialism is not low (unfortunately, most people do not even know the difference). Thirdly, We are not “Anti-Israel”. The people known today as “Israel” are loved by God and need to be saved just as any other group of people. However, We are not Zionist supporters, and that is once again a return to the original “Old IFB” position, before the Zionist hype was introduced in the mid 20th century. That is the position of Pastor MacGregor even though he is PreTrib. Fourthly, As for Folks being past salvation, we believe in the doctrine of reprobation. Which reflects the biblical concept that some have met the conditions clearly spelled out in scripture as having been “given over to a reprobate mind”, although detecting exactly who these people may be is not always clear, we do believe for example that one of the biblical indicators is the incessant desire for Sodomite relationships. Fifth, since having personally witnessed elements of the “New IFB” that usurp the independence of the local baptist Church regarding matters of minutiae and not doctrine, we have chosen to self identify as “New IFB friendly”. Such mafia type behavior is also abundant in the “Old IFB” and any other body or movement of affiliated Churches and needs to be avoided in order to truly be Independent Baptist.

      Joshua Lindsey

      (September 3, 2018 - 3:01 pm)

      Bill MacGregor,

      Let me address your concerns individually. First, I address Glebov and his church as it has been portrayed in the advertisement, as being a “New IFB” church. Now the New IFB is not known for standing down on what they believe in. Every doctrine is covered in sermons, and if someone preaches something “off”, then it is corrected. You I am sure have experienced how even the slightest perceived problem causes the New IFB to rebuke. In areas of correct doctrine, this is not necessarily a bad thing.

      Now because of this, if one or two people preach something in the New IFB, and it is accepted, people “amen” it, and it posted online in all-caps, then we must accept that it is the New IFB teaching. So here is the sermon where service in the US military is said to be a sin. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkhzvbmjRV8 Now if you or Pastor Glebov want to publicly decry this message, and state disagreement, I will of course recognize that. I would post about that. But until such, I must assume you alight with the “Orthodoxy” of the group you have affiliated with. In close proximity to the military question is the New IFB teaching that the police should not exist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OwgmmN0_U1A

      As to Pre-Wrath rapture, the point stands that it will be preached at Trinity Baptist – so we have no disagreement there, other than that we disagree on whether the position itself is true.

      Now, again, the New IFB position is Anti-Israel. If you or Pastor Glebov want to indicate that you support Israel’s right to exist, then please do so. I will make a post here about it. Here is the New IFB position: http://newifb.info/index.php/2018/08/10/michael-johnson-thinks-israel-loves-occupation-murders-palestinians/

      You can say that position is not Anti-Israel, but any person who is Pro-Israel will recognize that is not the case.

      No about Reprobates: First off, some people indeed will not get saved. This is different than the idea that people cannot get saved. I accept that people will not, I disagree that people cannot. That some cannot is the same thing taught in Calvinism.

      Secondly, we do not know who will and will not get saved. The scripture talks about some who are reprobate being homosexual. But not all homosexuals are reprobate, nor are all reprobates homosexuals. The smae for every other category. So to put in black and white that all homosexuals are reprobates is a false doctrine. However, even here the article stands, because this is what Gleb Glebov will be preaching.

      I appreciate you being willing to discuss the matter, and as stated, I will correct the article if there is correction to be made.

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