Gleb Glebov Copyrights his Sermons

Pastor Gleb Glebov of Blessed Hope Baptist Church in New Westminster British Columbia, Canada, is trying to hide the fact that his church is closely related to the New IFB. Because of this, he has copyrighted his sermons and used his church to enforce copyright law by issuing copyright takedowns on youtube for anything that […]

Blessed Hope Baptist Church enforces copyright of their services

If you are considering attending Blessed Hope Baptist Church in New Westminster British Columbia, you should be aware that they enforce copyright of their sermons to hide things that they don’t want people to know. One of them is that the church is closely related to the New IFB. To hide this, Pastor Gleb Glebov […]

Yes, Blessed Hope Baptist Church and Pastor Gleb Glebov are related to the New IFB

Blessed Hope Baptist Church in New Westminster British Columbia Canada, which goes by blessedbaptist1611 on facebook, is a church that is closely related to the New IFB. Since the church was never listed in the New IFB church directory, and has since had a falling out with New IBF leadership, Pastor Gleb has realized that […]

Ben Naim uses Rock Music in New IFB parody video

When Adam Fannin got the boot from Stedfast Jacksonville, Ben Naim, who had previously done all he could to be his sycophant, threw Fannin under the bus as quick and hard as possible. (Now Naim is a sycophant for Jonathan Shelley, until one of them gets thrown out eventually.) The following video is one of […]

Paul Wittenberger wants you to buy his Rock Music album

Paul Wittenberger at Framing the World, a faithful member of Steven Anderson’s church, Faithful Word Baptist Church, and the producer of many of the church’s documentaries, who has previously been covered on this site, and who makes trading cards with New IFB pastors’ faces on them, also has produced a Rock Music Cd that he […]

Warning: Iola Baptist Temple in Iola, KS preaches false New IFB teaching

Pastor Rocky Randall of Iola Baptist Temple started out on the right foot, but has fallen under the influence of the New IFB, to the point that he has allowed his church to be listed in their New IFB directory. Randall himself preaches their false interpretation of the “Reprobate Doctrine.” It is apparent that it […]

Warning: Redeemed Baptist Church in Mesa, AZ preaches false New IFB teaching

Redeemed Baptist Church is a church pastored by David MacClellan. This small church is not officially part of the New IFB, but Pastor MacClellan preaches many doctrines of the New IFB, self-identifies as New IFB and fellowships online with the New IFB. The church was in Apache Junction, AZ until recently, when it moved to […]

Warning: Bethany Bible Baptist Church in Durand, MI preaches false New IFB teaching

Bethany Bible Baptist Church seems to be a standard Independent Baptist Church. Their statement of faith says that the church believes in an imminent rapture, they even have a Bible college, and there’s no blatant indication that they regularly teach New IFB doctrine. However, they do allow it to infiltrate the church. Their visitation director […]

Warning: Preach the Word Baptist Church in Dunedin, New Zealand preaches false New IFB teaching

Though Pastor Iain Hewson of Preach the Word Baptist Church is not officially listed as a new IFB pastor, there’s no doubt that he has learned his doctrine from them and is a part of the movement. He frequently will preach on a subject right after someone else in the New IFB does, showing he […]