Warning: Sure Foundation Baptist Church in Oahu, Hawaii Preaches False New IFB teaching

Sure Foundation Baptist Church in Oahu Hawaii is a church de-facto pastored by Ryan Gallagher, sent by Pastor Aaron Thompson of Sure Foundation Baptist Church. This church is not a normal Independent Baptist church, instead they belong to a sect called the “New IFB”, led by Steven L Anderson. From the post on this website […]

New IFB Fake Soulwinning #1 – Richard Symes

Quick Prayerism is a doctrine that the New IFB holds to, which negates the importance of true belief. Instead of discipling people or making sure they understand the gospel, instead a quick presentation of the gospel is given, often to a distracted or uninterested listener, and then coercion or peer pressure is used to get […]

Warning: Law of Liberty Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL. Teaches False New IFB teaching

Law of Liberty Baptist Church Spokane Valley is a church de-facto pastored by Adam Fannin (although he doesn’t accept the title due to a new-ifb quirk – The New IFB thinks you must have two kids to call yourself a pastor, but it’s fine to be a pastor without meeting the biblical requirements, as long […]

Adam Fannin’s Exit from the New IFB

In January of 2019, Donnie Romero, pastor of Stedfast Baptist Church in Fort Worth, TX., suddenly stepped down due to being caught with prostitutes and smoking marijuana. Romero’s Church had also started a “satellite church”, also called Stedfast Baptist Church, in Jacksonville, Florida. This churh was being led by Adam Fannin, who was pastor in […]

The fall of Donnie Romero

Romero is no longer pastor of Stedfast Baptist Church, as of January 2019. We’ve held back reporting on this story to allow the dust to settle, and because, frankly, it’s always discouraging to have to report on moral failures, no matter who it is that commits them. From the Christian Post: Donnie Romero, an adherent […]

Steven Anderson preaches that interest/usury is always sinful

Steven Anderson preaches that interest is always sinful, a belief he gained due to rejecting a dispensational understanding of scripture. Because of this, he applies the Old Testament laws upon Christians today, and says things like this: By the way, charging interest is a sin. I don’t care what the bank told you. According to […]

Sound Words Baptist Church in Toronto is now New IFB approved

When Josh Gander began Sound Words Baptist Church in Toronto Canada by first attempting a coup of Trinity Baptist Church and then splitting into a new church, the New IFB mainstream didn’t put their stamp of approval on the church. As recently as February, the church was not listed in the New IFB directory. However, […]