The New IFB admits that they are anti-Israel

It it wan’t clear enough by the claims that Israel loves occupation and likes murdering Palestinians, it now has been made clear that the New IFB is actually self-admitting to being anti-Israel. Several months ago, when Tyler Doka was still on the up-and-up in the New IFB, he criticized the militarygetsaved Baptist Church directory for […]

Michael Johnson thinks Israel stole land (…) Update – Johnson removes the thumbnail

Edit: As of August 17, Michael Johnson has removed the thumbnail. See his comment below for details. (original title of this post was “Michael Johnson thinks Israel stole land from the Palestinians (And promotes pro-LGBT website”) Michael Johnson and Temple Baptist Church have posted a sermon clip of one of Johnson’s sermons. Like one of […]

Michael Johnson thinks Israel “loves occupation”, murders Palestinians

Michael Johnson and Temple Baptist Church are working to carry on the Anti-Israel and Anti-Jew tradition of the New IFB. Temple Baptist Church posted this video on its channel, which has no special value, but the thumbnail image tells what they really think. Thumbnail is posted below, in case it changes, and video follows:    

Steven Anderson advances holocaust-denying conspiracy theories.

Anderson is very prone to believing conspiracy theories about the fluoride in water, vaccines, 9/11 truth, etc., so it is no surprise that with his belief that God has no place for Jews and Israel, that he would also advance holocaust denial. He advances the following conspiracy theories among others: That a plaque that said […]

Steven Anderson uses Jews’ persecutions against them

In June 2017, Steven Anderson posted this sermon clip to his main channel, called “1948 was a fraud.” In this video, Anderson equates Christ’s fig tree parable to being Israel, and as such, Israel has no purpose in his Eschatology. He says that Jews returning to Israel in 1948 was a fraud – “they didn’t […]

What is the New IFB?

In 2005, Steven L Anderson started Faithful Word Baptist Church, and began teaching a new and strange set of doctrines. With his charismatic personality and boldness in preaching his opinions, as well as an effective social media strategy, he has won many over to himself. He is admittedly attempting to change what it means to […]