Flat Earther Tyler Doka changing church channel into conspiracy “Healthsperity” channel

Edit June 15, 2019: It appears that Doka may have now deleted the channel, as the youtube link now says the channel does not exist. Tyler Doka, a flat earther, recently deleted almost all of the videos from his church’s youtube channel as he seeks to run from his past with a new church name. […]

Steven Anderson and 9/11 conspiracy theories

Steven Anderson has long held to 9/11 conspiracy theories. In August 2009 in his radio program “The True Born Sons of Liberty Radio Broadcast” he titled the program “9/11 was an inside job.” The program is below: More recently, he demonstrated the uniformity of thought that is pushed at Faithful Word Baptist church when he […]

Jonathan Shelley Preaches Anti-Vaccine Theology

Shelley’s sermon is not only as loose with facts as the other anti-vaccine preaching in the New IFB movement, but even more so, filled with cringe-inducing lack of awareness, such as the fact that vaccines can’t be made for diseases like heart disease or cancer (or suicide either), and unawareness that the reason that the […]

Adam Fannin Promotes Water Fluoridation Conspiracy Theory

UPDATE: In January of 2019, as a result of Jonathan Shelley being installed as pastor over the congregation he had been leading (Stedfast Baptist Jacksonville), without their input, Fannin raised an alarm and was kicked out of the church by Shelley. Fannin has since started a split-off church with many of the former members of […]

Steven Anderson Promotes Water Fluoridation Conspiracy Theory

Paul Wittenberger and Framing the World Productions‘ big hit has been talking about Water Fluoridation. Wittenberger has produced two movies on the topic, first “The Great Culling: Our Water”, and second “Fluoride: Poison on Tap.” In support of this movie and its gross misrepresentations is Steven Anderson. This is not really a surprise, as Anderson […]