Jonathan Shelley Preaches Anti-Vaccine Theology

Shelley’s sermon is not only as loose with facts as the other anti-vaccine preaching in the New IFB movement, but even more so, filled with cringe-inducing lack of awareness, such as the fact that vaccines can’t be made for diseases like heart disease or cancer (or suicide either), and unawareness that the reason that the […]

Pastor Bruce Mejia Produces Anti-Vaccine Theology Documentary and Plagiarizes

Bruce Mejia produced this documentary, which contains other New IFB preachers teaching false anti-vaccine theology, and promoting debunked conspiratorial arguments. At several points throughout the documentary, Mejia has plagiarized parts from the Bible Project’s video on Leviticus. This plagiarism can be seen at 12:43 or 33:50, among other places. Numerous other parts of the documentary […]

Pastor Steven Anderson preaches Anti-Vaccine Theology

Steven L Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, AZ preaches that the Bible teaches against vaccines. As of this post, the transcript of this message can also be viewed on the Faithful Word Baptist Church website here.

Pastor Roger Jimenez Preaches Anti-Vaccination Theology

Roger Jimenez of Verity Baptist Church in Sacramento, CA preaches anti-vax theology, misapplying scripture and making the pulpit a home for conspiracy theories Below is his sermon, “Isaiah 35: Protecting the Weak from Vaccines (Pastor Roger Jimenez | Verity Baptist Sacramento)” Edit 9/19/2018 – Due to Verity’s Youtube channel being shut down, the video has […]

Pastor Manly Perry Preaches Anti-Vaccine Theology

Manly Perry of Old Path Baptist Church in Adkins, TX preaches against vaccines in a two-part sermon. He pushes the debunked claims that vaccines cause autism. (4:30 mark) He claims Celiac disease and other food-based allergies are caused by Autism, something not supported at all by any legitimate research. Around the seven minute mark he […]