Temple Baptist Church Live Streaming Shut Down by YouTube

YouTube has shut down the live streaming capability on Temple Baptist Church’s main YouTube channel, forcing Pastor Michael Johnson to now stream on a secondary channel. YouTube cited “Hate speech” as the reason. Johnson made a video about this, which can be seen below.

Roger Jimenez and Ben the Baptist Comment on Youtube Deplatforming

As we reported yesterday, Verity Baptist church’s main channel on YouTube was shut down. Roger Jimenez has made a video about this, as has Ben “the Baptist” Knight. A common theme is that both of them encourage people to move to one of the New IFB churches if they use YouTube to watch.

Verity Baptist Church’s Main YouTube Channel Terminated for Hate Speech

Reminiscent to the recent termination of Alex Jones’ Youtube Channel, now Verity Baptist’s Main YouTube Channel has been terminated. As of this post, the secondary channel is still up. Below is the image that appears when trying to access Verity’s channel: