Ben Naim uses Rock Music in New IFB parody video

When Adam Fannin got the boot from Stedfast Jacksonville, Ben Naim, who had previously done all he could to be his sycophant, threw Fannin under the bus as quick and hard as possible. (Now Naim is a sycophant for Jonathan Shelley, until one of them gets thrown out eventually.) The following video is one of […]

Paul Wittenberger wants you to buy his Rock Music album

Paul Wittenberger at Framing the World, a faithful member of Steven Anderson’s church, Faithful Word Baptist Church, and the producer of many of the church’s documentaries, who has previously been covered on this site, and who makes trading cards with New IFB pastors’ faces on them, also has produced a Rock Music Cd that he […]

The fall of Donnie Romero

Romero is no longer pastor of Stedfast Baptist Church, as of January 2019. We’ve held back reporting on this story to allow the dust to settle, and because, frankly, it’s always discouraging to have to report on moral failures, no matter who it is that commits them. From the Christian Post: Donnie Romero, an adherent […]

Steven Anderson’s Choice Political Candidate

Since 2008, Steven Anderson has preached a message that is “I don’t even vote” and that it doesn’t matter who we vote for. However, prior to that, Anderson preached differently. He encouraged his congregation to research and then vote in the primaries for the best candidate. If you pay attention to the video above, you’ll […]

Pastor Steven Anderson Trading Cards! (Really!)

At Framing the World productions, Steven Anderson’s media guru and New IFB movie extraordinaire Paul Wittenberger has produced New IFB trading cards. Steven Anderson has directly promoted this through the New IFB Youtube channel. Also, Wittenberger begins his video with some rock music. Wittenberger encourages viewers to try and collect them all, which seems to […]