The Impeccability Controversy Continues from Bill MacGregor’s Side

Bill MacGregor continues the impeccability controversy, now preaching a message which contained the clips below, targeting New IFB preachers for not expelling those who didn’t preach that impeccability-deniers aren’t saved. Descriptions are shown beneath each video   Gleb Glebov also spoke against Richard Symes’ sermon that was against Bill Macgregor. Below is Glebov’s clip:

Trinity Baptist Church is OUT of the New IFB!

We first reported on Trinity Baptist Church because their pastor, Robert MacGregor, was the sole voice against the Pre-wrath rapture in the whole movement. Now that Trinity Baptist Church has been ejected from the New IFB, it looks like his voice is silenced. Due to the Impeccability Controversy and recent church split at Trinity Baptist […]

Final throes of the impeccability controversy?

For the background of this controversy, see part one and part two On Tuesday, August 14, 2018, Michael Johnson uploaded this video, titled “Bill MacGregor’s Biggest Heresy!” Bill MacGregor uploaded two videos. First, he reuploaded a shorter clip of Johnson’s statements on Christ’s impeccability, titled “Pastor Johnson Cannot Admit His Mistakes.” Finally, he brought in […]

Bill MacGregor loses the fight against Michael Johnson

Bill MacGregor began a fight with Pastor Michael Johnson over the impeccability of Christ. Because nearly everyone in the New IFB agreed theologically with Bill, but because they also did not want to be on the bad side of an established new IFB pastor, they pulled a small 20 second clip of Bill MacGregor’s sermon […]

Bill MacGregor and Michael Johnson attack each other over the Impeccability of Christ

Bill MacGregor, the son of the pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Toronto, Ontario Canada preached a sermon on Sunday, August 5 on the topic of the impeccability of Christ. Could Christ have sinned? On Wednesday August 8, Michael Johnson preached the sermon “The Knowledge of Christ”, which contained the following section on the topic […]