Yes, Blessed Hope Baptist Church and Pastor Gleb Glebov are related to the New IFB

Blessed Hope Baptist Church in New Westminster British Columbia Canada, which goes by blessedbaptist1611 on facebook, is a church that is closely related to the New IFB. Since the church was never listed in the New IFB church directory, and has since had a falling out with New IBF leadership, Pastor Gleb has realized that […]

Ben Naim uses Rock Music in New IFB parody video

When Adam Fannin got the boot from Stedfast Jacksonville, Ben Naim, who had previously done all he could to be his sycophant, threw Fannin under the bus as quick and hard as possible. (Now Naim is a sycophant for Jonathan Shelley, until one of them gets thrown out eventually.) The following video is one of […]

Adam Fannin & Ben Naim: Woman Preachers are not Saved

The video below is a clip of a message by Adam Fannin, but despite their falling out, it is still posted on Ben “the Baptist” Knight/Naim’s channel on YouTube. All scripture believing Independent Baptists reject women being pastors, but salvation is by grace through faith alone, and even saved people misinterpret the Bible. To claim […]

Gianmarco Gemmitti Flees the New IFB “Cult”, still a flat-earther

Gianmarco Gemmitti was a Steven Anderson supporter who now has rejected the New IFB as a cult. He runs the video channel called Found_The_Light, which reported on, and has now been renamed to “Rightly Dividing Ministries.” Gianmarco had several Anderson videos on his channel, but now has realized the vast unbiblical teachings of the New […]

Warning: Law of Liberty Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL. Teaches False New IFB teaching

Law of Liberty Baptist Church Spokane Valley is a church de-facto pastored by Adam Fannin (although he doesn’t accept the title due to a new-ifb quirk – The New IFB thinks you must have two kids to call yourself a pastor, but it’s fine to be a pastor without meeting the biblical requirements, as long […]

Who is Justin LeBlanc, Evangelist of Pillar of Truth Christian Church in Maspeth, Queens, New York?

Justin LeBlanc says the following on his church website about himself: Brother Justin and his wife Joy have been faithful members of Pillar of Truth Christian Church since our first Wednesday night service on January 17th, 2018. Justin grew up in Connecticut with his family, where he got saved at age 22. He then met […]

Flat Earther Tyler Doka changing church channel into conspiracy “Healthsperity” channel

Edit June 15, 2019: It appears that Doka may have now deleted the channel, as the youtube link now says the channel does not exist. Tyler Doka, a flat earther, recently deleted almost all of the videos from his church’s youtube channel as he seeks to run from his past with a new church name. […]

Who is Tyler J Doka, Pastor of Pillar of Truth Christian Church in Woodmere, Long Island, New York?

Tyler J. Doka says the following on his church website about himself: Brother Tyler is the pastor of Pillar of Truth Christian Church and was born and raised on Long Island, NY. After attending a secular college he received salvation through belief on the Lord Jesus Christ. He then met his wife Maria through a […]

Warning: Pillar of Truth Christian Church has a deceptive doctrinal Statement! (Woodmere, Long Island NY)

Pillar of Truth Christian Church appears to be like any other non-denominational Christian Church. Don’t believe it! Their pastor, Tyler Doka, and Evangelist, Justin LeBlanc, believe several strange things. The Earth is (literally) flat. (Not kidding!) See video here Planets don’t exist (See video here) Not all Christians are saints Not all Christians will be […]