Yes, Blessed Hope Baptist Church and Pastor Gleb Glebov are related to the New IFB

Blessed Hope Baptist Church in New Westminster British Columbia Canada, which goes by blessedbaptist1611 on facebook, is a church that is closely related to the New IFB. Since the church was never listed in the New IFB church directory, and has since had a falling out with New IBF leadership, Pastor Gleb has realized that […]

Updates on the Trinity Baptist Church Split

Bill MacGregor has posted the following video called “What actually happened The Trinity Baptist Rebellion,” showing the meeting of people who tried to kick out Bill MacGregor and Pastor MacGregor from the church. Here is a video of the same confrontation posted by Tim Xing. Xing’s description was “Robert MacGregor and Bill MacGregor exposed as […]

The Impeccability Controversy Continues from Bill MacGregor’s Side

Bill MacGregor continues the impeccability controversy, now preaching a message which contained the clips below, targeting New IFB preachers for not expelling those who didn’t preach that impeccability-deniers aren’t saved. Descriptions are shown beneath each video   Gleb Glebov also spoke against Richard Symes’ sermon that was against Bill Macgregor. Below is Glebov’s clip:

Bill MacGregor’s Strange “Tuning Fork” book

Bill MacGregor, son of Pastor Robert MacGregor at Trinity Baptist Church in Toronto, wrote a book called “The tuning fork.” In the video below he uses to advertise it, he proclaims that a greater miracle than the parting of the red sea,etc. is the idea that Isaiah’s 66 books supposedly align prophetically to the 66 […]

Trinity Baptist Church is OUT of the New IFB!

We first reported on Trinity Baptist Church because their pastor, Robert MacGregor, was the sole voice against the Pre-wrath rapture in the whole movement. Now that Trinity Baptist Church has been ejected from the New IFB, it looks like his voice is silenced. Due to the Impeccability Controversy and recent church split at Trinity Baptist […]

Split takes place at Trinity Baptist Church Toronto

Tim Xing and some additional members of Trinity Baptist Church in Toronto, suddenly flipped against Pastor MacGregor and Bill MacGregor, right in the middle of the latest impeccability controversy. Though details are hard to come by, you can find for reference the following videos. These were posted by Bill MacGregor. Originally titled as “Beware of […]