Pillar of Truth Christian Church is Dying

In his sermon on Wednesday September 11, Pastor Tyler Doka tells how the church has declined from 24 members to 12 members, down to just 6. He tells this on the occasion that another family is leaving. Will this just leave Tyler, Justin, and their wives as the sole members at PoTCC? Pillar of Truth […]

Who is Justin LeBlanc, Evangelist of Pillar of Truth Christian Church in Maspeth, Queens, New York?

Justin LeBlanc says the following on his church website about himself: Brother Justin and his wife Joy have been faithful members of Pillar of Truth Christian Church since our first Wednesday night service on January 17th, 2018. Justin grew up in Connecticut with his family, where he got saved at age 22. He then met […]

Warning: Pillar of Truth Christian Church has a deceptive doctrinal Statement! (Woodmere, Long Island NY)

Pillar of Truth Christian Church appears to be like any other non-denominational Christian Church. Don’t believe it! Their pastor, Tyler Doka, and Evangelist, Justin LeBlanc, believe several strange things. The Earth is (literally) flat. (Not kidding!) See video here Planets don’t exist (See video here) Not all Christians are saints Not all Christians will be […]

Great Harvest Church rebrands

Great Harvest Church, led by (literal) Flat-earthers and heretics Tyler Doka and Justin LeBlanc, has now rebranded. This church was briefly part of the New IFB, holding several doctrinal distinctives alike with it, such as a pre-tribulation rapture, but received the boot due to flat-eartherism and then went into such strange theology that they decried […]