Who is Justin LeBlanc, Evangelist of Pillar of Truth Christian Church in Maspeth, Queens, New York?

Justin LeBlanc says the following on his church website about himself: Brother Justin and his wife Joy have been faithful members of Pillar of Truth Christian Church since our first Wednesday night service on January 17th, 2018. Justin grew up in Connecticut with his family, where he got saved at age 22. He then met […]

Justin LeBlanc can save anyone in 5 minutes!

Justin Leblanc, the evangelist from Great Harvest Baptist Church believes some strange stuff. He’s a flat-earther, like his Pastor, He says that not all Christians are saints, and now this. In the first clip below, he preaches that he can save anyone in 5 minutes, because he’s not one of those other Christians who can’t […]

Great Harvest Baptist Church is off the Rails!

It’s become apparent that not only is Great Harvest Baptist Church out of the New IFB, (which began because of flat-eartherism), but they have totally left any semblance of the Gospel. Justin Leblanc and Tyler Doka have doubled down on a sermon series preached by LeBlanc, which is simply tearing apart the doctrines of Christianity. […]