Gianmarco Gemmitti Flees the New IFB “Cult”, still a flat-earther

Gianmarco Gemmitti was a Steven Anderson supporter who now has rejected the New IFB as a cult. He runs the video channel called Found_The_Light, which reported on, and has now been renamed to “Rightly Dividing Ministries.” Gianmarco had several Anderson videos on his channel, but now has realized the vast unbiblical teachings of the New […]

Tyler Doka and Gianmarco Gemmitti: Planets Don’t Exist!

Marco of the YouTube channel Found_The_Light, a flat earther since at least 2016, put up a video called “Planets Dont Exist!” in early July. This video is just a (il)logical continuation of flat-earth doctrine, which now has its own mini-following within the New IFB, although all the preachers other than Doka decry it. The video […]

Gianmarco Gemmiti of Found_The_Light preaches that the police should not Exist

Gianmarco “Marco” Gemmiti of the YouTube channel “Found_The_Light” is not a pastor, nor can I find that he has been endorsed by the New IFB movement, but he has been sucked into their teaching, and now preaches it through his YouTube channel. In July of 2016, he attended the “Red Hot Preaching Conference” at Roger […]