At least one New IFB Pastor believes in Pre-Trib rapture “heresy”

Pastor Robert MacGregor of Trinity Baptist Church in Toronto, Ontario, Canada does not preach a Pre-wrath rapture, though his son Bill MacGregor does. The New IFB has been very harsh in its denouncement of the pre-trib rapture and those who preach an imminent return of Christ. In this video, Bill MacGregor says that the pastor […]

Jack Hyles Was Not Part of the New IFB (Part 1) – Pre Tribulation Rapture

The New IFB loves Jack Hyles and seems to think that he would be with their movement. They run the Jack Hyles Home Page, and use it to promote their documentaries. Jack Hyles videos are often posted to New IFB channels. Steven L Anderson attended Hyles-Anderson college briefly. However, the New IFB adamantly calls the […]

What is the New IFB?

In 2005, Steven L Anderson started Faithful Word Baptist Church, and began teaching a new and strange set of doctrines. With his charismatic personality and boldness in preaching his opinions, as well as an effective social media strategy, he has won many over to himself. He is admittedly attempting to change what it means to […]