Tyler Doka and Great Harvest Baptist Church are OUT of the New IFB!

Until the last few days, Great Harvest Baptist Church and Tyler Doka were still listed on the New IFB directory at thenewifb.com, despite the fact that Doka was a much-criticized flat-earther and had attacked the New IFB and Steven Anderson. Well those days are over. Now the church has been removed from the directory altogether. […]

Trinity Baptist Church is OUT of the New IFB!

We first reported on Trinity Baptist Church because their pastor, Robert MacGregor, was the sole voice against the Pre-wrath rapture in the whole movement. Now that Trinity Baptist Church has been ejected from the New IFB, it looks like his voice is silenced. Due to the Impeccability Controversy and recent church split at Trinity Baptist […]

Warning: Revival Baptist Church in Orlando, FL. preaches false New IFB teaching

With the new church launching August 31, 2018 , Pastor Patrick Boyle shows off a backdrop on the church property. As you can see below, it contains several of the New IFB doctrines, and very prominently, the phrase “New IFB.” What does “New IFB” mean? It represents the things that make Boyle and his church […]

What is the New IFB?

In 2005, Steven L Anderson started Faithful Word Baptist Church, and began teaching a new and strange set of doctrines. With his charismatic personality and boldness in preaching his opinions, as well as an effective social media strategy, he has won many over to himself. He is admittedly attempting to change what it means to […]