Ben Naim uses Rock Music in New IFB parody video

When Adam Fannin got the boot from Stedfast Jacksonville, Ben Naim, who had previously done all he could to be his sycophant, threw Fannin under the bus as quick and hard as possible. (Now Naim is a sycophant for Jonathan Shelley, until one of them gets thrown out eventually.) The following video is one of […]

Adam Fannin & Ben Naim: Woman Preachers are not Saved

The video below is a clip of a message by Adam Fannin, but despite their falling out, it is still posted on Ben “the Baptist” Knight/Naim’s channel on YouTube. All scripture believing Independent Baptists reject women being pastors, but salvation is by grace through faith alone, and even saved people misinterpret the Bible. To claim […]

Ben Naim: Same-sex attracted people who haven’t sexually sinned should be executed

In an interview with an Atheist, Ben “the Baptist” Naim (Who also goes by Ben Knight) Ben seemed to be caught off-guard, not really knowing who he was calling for the execution of. The definition he finally settled on is that anyone attracted to the opposite sex, whether practicing or not, is a Sodomite, and […]

Roger Jimenez and Ben the Baptist Comment on Youtube Deplatforming

As we reported yesterday, Verity Baptist church’s main channel on YouTube was shut down. Roger Jimenez has made a video about this, as has Ben “the Baptist” Knight. A common theme is that both of them encourage people to move to one of the New IFB churches if they use YouTube to watch.

Ben Knight & Donnie Romero say you were never saved if you stop believing like the New IFB

The problem with Knight and Romero’s doctrine in the short clip below is not their view of the trinity, but that they apply the “You were never saved to begin with” doctrine to all kinds of other things. For example, they say at the end that a person who is saved cannot believe in evolution. […]

“Ben the Baptist” says that Sodomites who get saved are still going to hell

Ben Knight, AKA “Ben the Baptist” frequently has videos on Anderson’s New IFB channels. In this video he preaches the false New IFB reprobate doctrine that Sodomites cannot be saved. Partial transcript below the video. There’s this march for freedom event which is happening in washington DC, and it’s going to feature a bunch of […]