Bruce Mejia & Adam Fannin wish for the deaths of James White & John MacArthur

I am not a Calvinist, so I am no friend of James White, Jeff Durbin, or John MacArthur, among others who hold to that theology. However, just because someone believes wrongly on that doctrine does not mean we are right to wish them to die. The New IFB disagrees. In the following clip, you can […]

Warning: First Works Baptist Church in El Monte, California preaches false New IFB teaching

First Works Baptist Church (formerly known until August 2019 as Faithful Word Baptist Church) in El Monte, California is a church that is led by Pastor Bruce Mejia. There are many reasons that one should not attend this church. Mejia himself preaches many doctrines that are not biblical, but that he learned from Steven Anderson […]

Pastor Bruce Mejia Produces Anti-Vaccine Theology Documentary and Plagiarizes

Bruce Mejia produced this documentary, which contains other New IFB preachers teaching false anti-vaccine theology, and promoting debunked conspiratorial arguments. At several points throughout the documentary, Mejia has plagiarized parts from the Bible Project’s video on Leviticus. This plagiarism can be seen at 12:43 or 33:50, among other places. Numerous other parts of the documentary […]