David Berzins: It’s sinful to eat meat offered to idols

Just when you thought the scripture couldn’t be clearer on an issue, the New IFB still manages to come out on the wrong side of the issue. For a good answer on this topic, visit https://www.gotquestions.org/eating-drinking-blood.html Additionally, the New IFB says that Halal meat fits into this category, which means that since nearly all meat […]

David Berzins Abandons Unsuccessful New IFB Church Plant and Tries Again

The people of Prescott Valley, AZ were not as open to the false doctrines spread by the New IFB movement as David Berzins had hoped. In a recent video posted by Framing the World, Berzins says that the church plant was not a failure, because there were “over 500 people saved” (although apparently none of […]

Warning: Strong Hold Baptist Church in Norcross GA preaches false New IFB teaching

David Berzins is starting a new IFB church in the Atlanta GA area called “Strong Hold Baptist Church.” This church will continue to preach the false doctrines of the New IFB movement.  Berzins announced this plant in the following video: Currently the church website is in disarray, still containing much of the default template content. […]