Warning: Redeemed Baptist Church in Mesa, AZ preaches false New IFB teaching

Redeemed Baptist Church is a church pastored by David MacClellan. This small church is not officially part of the New IFB, but Pastor MacClellan preaches many doctrines of the New IFB, self-identifies as New IFB and fellowships online with the New IFB. The church was in Apache Junction, AZ until recently, when it moved to […]

David MacClellan preaches that Sodomites are all unable to be saved

David MacClellan has not been officially accepted into the new IFB, nor does he claim the title for himself, but it is apparent that he has been steeped in Andersonism. He commonly will comment on YouTube in support of the New IFB, and he preaches in lockstep with the trending subject of the New IFB […]