The New IFB’s strange doctrine on the Lord’s Supper

The New IFB teaches that the Lord’s Supper should not be observed in a church meeting at all. Steven Anderson has his congregation, for example, do it at their homes, perhaps inviting another family over to do so. The justification for this unorthodox practice is a great example of why, if the New IFB is […]

Jonathan Shelley: Eating Halal Meat is always sinful

Just when you thought the scripture couldn’t be clearer on an issue, the New IFB still manages to come out on the wrong side of the issue. For a good answer on this topic, visit Shelley says that not only is meat offered to idols always prohibited, he claims that Halal meat fits into […]

Jonathan Shelley Preaches Anti-Vaccine Theology

Shelley’s sermon is not only as loose with facts as the other anti-vaccine preaching in the New IFB movement, but even more so, filled with cringe-inducing lack of awareness, such as the fact that vaccines can’t be made for diseases like heart disease or cancer (or suicide either), and unawareness that the reason that the […]

Warning: Pure Words Baptist Church in Houston, TX preaches false New IFB teaching

Jonathan Shelley, a member of Faithful Word Baptist Church, is going to start a new church in the Houston, TX area called “Pure Words Bapptist Church.” This church, being started August 5 by a believer in New IFB doctrines, will have some major doctrinal problems from the get-go. If you are considering attending the church, […]