Logan Robertson has been deported from Australia

The Brisbane times has reported that Logan Robertson has been deported back to New Zealand: A New Zealand pastor who allegedly disrupted Islamic worship at two Brisbane mosques has been deported from Australia. A source confirmed to Fairfax Media that Ipswich-based Pastor Logan Robertson – who is facing charges of being a public nuisance after […]

New IFB responses to Logan Robertson being Deported from Australia

Since the recent news breaking that Logan Robertson will be deported from Australia, many in the New IFB have responded to the situation. Steven Anderson mentioned Robertson in this sermon clip: Tommy McMurtry also discussed the situation: Robertson himself has also posted footage of the Mosque encounter, seen below:

Logan Robertson to be deported from Australia

Pastor Logan Robertson, who has for a short time pastored Pillar Baptist Church in Australia, will be deported from the country, according to Australian immigration officials. From The Guardian: An extremist self-styled pastor, who harassed people at two Brisbane mosques, is likely to be deported after being arrested overnight. The immigration minister, Peter Dutton, said Logan Robertson, […]

Victor Tey and the Church in Punchbowl – New IFB Controversy

Edit: Since January 6, 2019, “the church in Punchbowl” has now been renamed “The church in Liverpool.” Victor Tey is the pastor of the Church in Punchbowl, New South Wales, Australia. Is he a part of the New IFB? Almost a decade ago, he moved to The US for a year to attend Faithful Word […]