New IFB fake soulwinning #2 – Manly Perry & Old Path Baptist Church

Manly Perry and Old Path Baptist Church claim to get a lot of people saved, but the Bible tells us that only those who believe on Jesus Christ are truly saved. The New IFB coerces people into praying a prayer, but these people aren’t getting saved – the don’t really believe, and an evidence of […]

Robert MacGregor Cancelled from Old Paths Baptist Foundations Conference

In the announcement that Robert MacGregor will not be preaching at the Foundations Conference, nothing is mentioned about the impeccability controversy, or that Trinity Baptist Church, which MAcGregor Pastors, being recently kicked out of the New IFB, but of c the new video where it is briefly mentioned that he no longer will be preaching: […]

Pastor Manly Perry Preaches Anti-Vaccine Theology

Manly Perry of Old Path Baptist Church in Adkins, TX preaches against vaccines in a two-part sermon. He pushes the debunked claims that vaccines cause autism. (4:30 mark) He claims Celiac disease and other food-based allergies are caused by Autism, something not supported at all by any legitimate research. Around the seven minute mark he […]