Patrick Boyle Counts the Reprobates He’s Kicked Out

The New IFB is obsessed with the Reprobate Doctrine. It’s now a point of pride to be able to kick out those who are not only unsaved, but that they have declared are incapable of believing unto salvation (See: Calvinism) Below, Patrick Boyle is posting on his church attendance board the number of Reprobates kicked […]

The Case of Countryside Baptist Church in Port Washington, OH

Recently, Patrick Boyle started a new church in Orlando Florida, Revival Baptist Church. The reason that he went to do this is because he resigned from his church in Ohio, due to a significant division among the members regarding him remaining the pastor. Joe Major has published the following video where he briefly touches on […]

Warning: Revival Baptist Church in Orlando, FL. preaches false New IFB teaching

With the new church launching August 31, 2018 , Pastor Patrick Boyle shows off a backdrop on the church property. As you can see below, it contains several of the New IFB doctrines, and very prominently, the phrase “New IFB.” What does “New IFB” mean? It represents the things that make Boyle and his church […]