Steven Anderson preaches that interest/usury is always sinful

Steven Anderson preaches that interest is always sinful, a belief he gained due to rejecting a dispensational understanding of scripture. Because of this, he applies the Old Testament laws upon Christians today, and says things like this: By the way, charging interest is a sin. I don’t care what the bank told you. According to […]

Warning: Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona preaches false New IFB teaching

Steven L. Anderson  planted Faithful Word Baptist Church on December 25, 2005. In the years since, through an effective social media presence, including dozens of youtube pages, he has made his teachings very public. He received national media attention in 2009 after a video of him stating from his pulpit that he prays for Barack […]

Steven Anderson and 9/11 conspiracy theories

Steven Anderson has long held to 9/11 conspiracy theories. In August 2009 in his radio program “The True Born Sons of Liberty Radio Broadcast” he titled the program “9/11 was an inside job.” The program is below: More recently, he demonstrated the uniformity of thought that is pushed at Faithful Word Baptist church when he […]

Steven Anderson’s preaching against church nurseries

Steven Anderson makes several good observations in these message clips, and of course there is no problem with a church meeting in a family-integrated style. However, he misapplies scripture and utilizes faulty reasoning when he concludes that the Bible is against church nurseries.    

Steven Anderson says that Salvation doesn’t bring a change in action

Steven Anderson claims in the video below that many who are saved will not show any change in actions. No works will follow. He misquotes scripture that talks about people being saved without works and then says that it means someone can be saved and then never change. The interesting thing about this doctrine is […]