Gleb Glebov of Blessed Hope Baptist Church Threatens Legal Action against

I received this laughable email from Gleb Glebov today. To think that he can stand behind a pulpit one day, and say things like this the next! From: Gleb Glebov <>Subject: Notice Before Legal Action Message Body:I’ve been patient with you and asked you kindly to remove my private information and sermons from your website […]

Sound Words Baptist Church in Toronto is now New IFB approved

When Josh Gander began Sound Words Baptist Church in Toronto Canada by first attempting a coup of Trinity Baptist Church and then splitting into a new church, the New IFB mainstream didn’t put their stamp of approval on the church. As recently as February, the church was not listed in the New IFB directory. However, […]

The New IFB still promotes Tyler Doka’s “Mark of the Beast” Documentary

Tyler Doka is anathema to the New IFB, and to the IFB in general. He’s recently went into many strange doctrines along with Justin Leblanc, an evangelist in his church. The new IFB has rightly been preaching against him and his false teaching. But separation only sems to go so far, even in the New […]

The New IFB admits that they are anti-Israel

It it wan’t clear enough by the claims that Israel loves occupation and likes murdering Palestinians, it now has been made clear that the New IFB is actually self-admitting to being anti-Israel. Several months ago, when Tyler Doka was still on the up-and-up in the New IFB, he criticized the militarygetsaved Baptist Church directory for […]

The New IFB rejects Blessed Hope Baptist Church in Vancouver and plants competing church

Recently, Gleb Glebov, a trainee of Pastor and Bill MacGregor from Trinity Baptist Church in Toronto, started a new church in a suburb of Vancouver BC Canada, called Trinity Baptist Church. The New IFB has now demonstrated its animosity toward this church by planting a competing Church. (edit 11/1/18 Trinity Baptist Church has now been […]

Faithful Word Baptist Church North a Failure?

On the New IFB Church Directory, there was a church named “Faithful Word Baptist North: However, it seems that this church is closed. The YouTube Channels have been renamed to Faithful Word Tuscon, representing the new church plant starting in Tucson. The listing above has been removed and replaced with the listing for the Tucson […]

The Case of Countryside Baptist Church in Port Washington, OH

Recently, Patrick Boyle started a new church in Orlando Florida, Revival Baptist Church. The reason that he went to do this is because he resigned from his church in Ohio, due to a significant division among the members regarding him remaining the pastor. Joe Major has published the following video where he briefly touches on […]