Jack Hyles Was Not Part of the New IFB (Part 2) – Dispensationalism

In his book “Enemies of Soul Winning”, Jack Hyles attacks hyper-dispensationalism, teaching that salvation was different in different dispensations. Nearly all Independent Baptists also do not accept hyper-dispensationalism. He does not distance himself from dispensationalism, however: In Hyles book, “how to rear children”, he refuses the New IFB belief of enforcing Old Testament commands with […]

Jack Hyles Was Not Part of the New IFB (Part 1) – Pre Tribulation Rapture

The New IFB loves Jack Hyles and seems to think that he would be with their movement. They run the Jack Hyles Home Page, and use it to promote their documentaries. Jack Hyles videos are often posted to New IFB channels. Steven L Anderson attended Hyles-Anderson college briefly. However, the New IFB adamantly calls the […]