Victor Tey continues to claim he’s not that different from Roger Jimenez on the Trinity

Victor Tey released a video a few days ago called “Does Victor Tey Believe Like Roger Jimenez on the Godhead Trinity.” You can watch it below. He brings up the fact that Jimenez called him a snake for his beliefs, especially on Jesus-only baptism. This is just a continuation from the ongoing Trinitarian Controversy, and […]

Steven Anderson Falsely Accuses Rick Martinez

Rick Martinez was a member of Faithful Word Baptist Church, who was kicked out at the same time Tyler Baker was, along with Elliott Ray. Since then, he has moved to Jacksonville Florida to be at Baker’s church. Along with Baker, Ray, Garrett Kirchway, Domonique Davis, Victor Tey, and others, Martinez denies the orthodox trinity. […]

New IFB Apostate – Garrett Kirchway Preaches against the Trinity

Garrett Kirchway was a missionary for Faithful Word Baptist Church to Botswana. On FWBC’s website, a now-missing page said the following about him: Brother Garrett Kirchway has been a faithful member of Faithful Word Baptist Church since he was saved and baptized in September 2008. Starting in May 2016, Bro Kirchway is now in the […]

Pastor Roger Jimenez Calls Victor Tey a “snake”, “oneness heretic”, rejects his view of the Trinity

Victor Tey, pastor of the Church in Punchbowl, in defending his views on the trinity, frequently referred to Roger Jimenez and claimed that their views are the same. (see Tey’s videos here.) Last night, Jimenez preached at Faithful Word Baptist Church, and rejected this view, calling Victor Tey a “snake.” Jimenez says “Why the hell […]

New IFB Apostate – Domonique Davis

On Sunday, May 27, 2018, Pastor Steven Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Az, announced that Domonique Davis and Garrett Kirchway were dismissed from the Church Staff and kicked out of the church for supposed Modalism. (No information was given on whether the ‘church discipline’ involved in any way the membership of the […]

Victor Tey and the Church in Punchbowl – New IFB Controversy

Edit: Since January 6, 2019, “the church in Punchbowl” has now been renamed “The church in Liverpool.” Victor Tey is the pastor of the Church in Punchbowl, New South Wales, Australia. Is he a part of the New IFB? Almost a decade ago, he moved to The US for a year to attend Faithful Word […]